Monday, November 19, 2012

Multi-Faith Dialogue in a New City

Greetings from Minneapolis! As many of you know I am no longer at Canterbury School in Fort Wayne, Indiana and I have moved to Minneapolis. It has been a city which has welcomed me with open arms. As I have been getting established the people whom I have met have embraced and welcomed the multi-faith work which I started in Fort Wayne.  I will always cherish the warmth, support and encouragement that I experienced in the Fort Wayne community. It was an amazing community which allowed me to learn, grow and flourish in this endeavor. What a blessing to me. Now I am looking to the future in a new city, where as a follower of Jesus I hope to continue the important work of being a peacemaker through multi-faith dialogue. I am looking forward to updating you on the good things that will be occurring here in Minneapolis.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New and Exciting

Peacemaking is difficult work so there is great joy that comes from seeing the work which others are doing to create peace. Recently I have seen two such efforts which have brought me joy. The first is this website. I knew Carl Medearis was working on the website and I have been so impressed with the site as I have looked through it. What a wonderful resource. Please check it out. This week I was asked to visit the Interfaith Prayer Room at the new Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne. It is a peaceful space which is open to all who are at the hospital. If you live in Fort Wayne take the time to visit the room. It is a wonderful resource for our community. What joy!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beneath the Surface

During our winter break we traveled to the Caribbean. While we were there we snorkeled every day. When sitting on the beach enjoying the warmth of the sun and looking across the ocean it is impossible to see the beauty that is beneath the surface of the water. Even when I entered the water to swim I could not see what was beneath the surface. In order to see this beautiful world of astonishing color, of the various fish and coral, special equipment was needed. I couldn’t wait to don my mask and flippers so that I could see this world which was directly below the surface.

That has been my experience with the multi-faith efforts that I have been a part of throughout the year. On the surface there have been Haven Interfaith Parent (HIP) meetings; moderating Interfaith Events, Multi-Faith Events and Interfaith Forums; changing the name to multi-faith from interfaith; attending religious events; helping design a multi-faith room at a local hospital and speaking at various locations. But the true beauty of these different events  lie beneath the surface. 

As in snorkeling there is special equipment which is needed in order to see the beauty beneath the surface of all these endeavors. The tools which I have discovered which have helped me to see this beauty have included convicted civility, dialogue, and promoting social inclusivism. Throughout this blog are postings on each of these topics. In using these tools in multi-faith dialogue I have seen a beauty which has deeply impacted my life. Thank you to my many friends of other faiths and to those of my own faith, who have helped me learn how to use these tools. It has been a beautiful year.

Roman 3:18, “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”